The users of our services

We offer a range of services and activities for local people. Much of our work is concerned with parents and children; although increasingly through the ‘Carnegie Building Project’ we work with all ages. We employ staff who speak Czech and Slovakian, so that we can offer support to people who speak those languages.



Who we work with

We work with lots of other voluntary organisations (Community groups and Charities), as well as statutory service providers (Health and Local Authority). We work as part of the ‘West Riverside Sure Start children’s Centre Partnership’ and with all the other organisations involved , we plan and deliver a range of activities for families with children under 5 years old; so that in our locality we can use the resources available to meet the needs in a coordinated and cost effective way.



What we offer

As well as providing a programme of activities we offer support to the users of our services. We are able to help parents to get help when they need it; our staff are trained to listen, support and identify ways to help with issues that concern parents. Sometimes staff can help with advice and support, other times they make referrals to other agencies; if appropriate staff will work with parents in a more formal process known as CAF (Common Assessment Framework).