Migrant Support


We are happy to announce that we have been awarded

‘Big Lottery Fund’ Reaching communities grant of

£385,631 towards our work in supporting migrants

Our Migrant Support Project works with individuals, families and groups of people who live in the locality and originate from European Union (EU) countries. The work includes support to individuals and families to help them in times of crisis and also to offer them a holistic support and development

package. The work often includes registration at doctors, dentist and schools. We also hold events and do group work to increase awareness of health issues e.g. breast cancer, smoking, sexual health; then we support people to get the support they need to make lifestyle changes.    Many people from Czech/Republic, Slovakia and Romania who live in the area are of Roma origin; we deliver Roma cultural awareness training to staff from primary health care, police and to other VCS organisations. We have staff that can speak Czech

and Slovakian and hope to recruit a new member of staff in the near future

who can speak Romanian; so we can best meet the needs of these communities.